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The Best protection is the total security protection against cybersquatting, phishing, spam, brandjacking, and other potential abuse of your brand and trademarks. UDRPs are costly and ineffective. The Best protection blocks all names that incorporate your qualified trademark in .Best. Indeed, with the ICANN new generic Top Level Domain Program, the Internet is expanding drastically right now. With the opening of the Best social media : the first rewarded, decentralized and global social platform, anyone can getfor free a .Best website to post and pin its Best shoppable content without restriction. Brand and tradermark owners need to react and adapt strategies to prepare for this rapidly growing new decentralized Best landscape. Use the Best protection program as the one-stop-solution to protect your brand, trademark or business.


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Best Social Media App

Best Social Media App

Best is the .Best Registry social media App that enables social media users to discover, post and pin their Best content.


Each user posting new content on the Best social media with a .Best domain will be rewarded for its contribution depending on the number of advertising clicks.


Each user of the Best social media with a .Best domain get a free website to share its Best content. As such, each social media user will get the data ownership and responsability of its Best posted content.


Best is the first borderless and global social media platform in the world. Users can onboard and share their Best content from anywhere in the world.

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March, 30th 2018

How social media cybersquatting became a digital nightmare for brands and celebrities

While social media cases of mistaken identity can have comical and unexpected consequences, for companies and celebrities who find their preferred usernames have already been taken such scenarios can quickly become a digital real estate nightmare.

March, 9th 2018

How to protect your brand from cybersquatting

The internet is now the normal conduit for everyday personal, commercial and social transactions. It is more important than ever to ensure that your consumers know where to find your business online, and that no third parties are seeking to trade off your reputation in the online space.

Nov, 30th 2018

Counterfeiting and cybersquatting: more than one million domain names seized

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that last year more than one million domain names of websites infringing intellectual property rights had been seized: approximately 33 600 in criminal proceedings and 1.21 million in civil proceedings (, 26 Nov. 2018). ICE reports that industry partners involved in the operation were fully responsible for capturing 1.21 million domain names and taking down 2.2 million e-commerce links on platforms and social media.